January 7, 2021

We are proud to share with you a new program developed for Softball BC female youth members!  This opportunity is available to all players, coaches and officials throughout BC.  Attached you will find information on the Softball BC Female Youth Council.

The Softball BC Female Youth Council is aimed at female youth (players, coaches and officials) between 16-18 years of age and will have a term of 2 years.  It will run very similar to the Minor, Men’s & Women’s and Umpire Advisory councils and provide a space/opportunity for our young athletes and officials to have their say in our game.  As the adult advisory councils are the ones that put forth rule changes etc. to the Board of Directors, this council will make recommendations and draft motions to present to those councils who in turn will work with the council to draft final motions that will be forwarded to the Board.  We feel it’s important that we involve the youth of our game in these discussions as ultimately they are impacted by the decisions made.  It would be our hope to have this group meet in person at least once a year with all other meetings taking place virtually.  The goal is to have a representative from all 15 districts with one member of the council will being elected as the co-chair (I will be the other co-chair).  As well we will have them elect a secretary to take their minutes.

The liaisons noted in the presentation represent members of the Youth Council who will be the ones conversing with the adult councils and forwarding the recommendations and thoughts of the youth council. As well we feel it’s important that we recognize and support the male/boys game and have also included a liaison for that program. As well, the Female Youth Council will take part in workshops and training for public speaking, leadership, communications and much more.

Applications may be submitted by individuals and there is also a nomination process available, which is attached, should you know of an ideal candidate within your own club/association.  Parent/Guardian acknowledgment of participation in the Youth Council is required as part of the application/nomination process.

Thank you for your support and I am looking forward to working with the new Softball BC Female Youth Council!

Lesley Rowe

Co-Chair, Softball BC Female Youth Council

Softball BC Female Youth Council Information Package

Softball BC Female Youth Council – Application v1

Softball BC Female Youth Council – Nomination Form v1