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Indigenous Long Term Development Committee

Chair: Joni Frei

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  1. A) Provide input and recommendations on the implementation plan of the Softball BC ILTD program as created with ISPARC and Sport4Life
  2. B) Identify where there are deficiencies and opportunities within the framework of the LTD to recommend new programmes, or changes to existing programmes
  3. C) Liaison with other advisory committees who are involved with the development of softball in BC, to provide insight from an Indigenous perspective. The liaison will be appointed by the chair of the committee.
  4. D) Assist staff in communicating and promoting LTD principles and programmes by creating or sharing content.


  1. Chair –Appointed by the President of Softball BC for a term of two (2) years.
  2. Secretary – responsible for minutes and scheduling of meetings (performed by a staff member when the position is open)
  3. Member at Large – the committee will be made up of not less than 3 and not more than 5 members.

The composition of the committee may include non-members of Softball BC. Committee should make every attempt to be representative of the Indigenous communities, from a geographical, gender, and participation perspective.

Call for applications will be posted by Softball BC, and final selections will be made by the appointed members from the Board of Directors


This is an advisory committee reporting to the board of directors. This committee is not empowered to make any final and binding decisions, but to provide guidance and recommendations to the advisory councils, other committees, and the board, for their consideration.

Resources and Budget

The committee may conduct meetings via conference call, in person, or by an electronic meeting format. The chair will decide on the format prior to each meeting.  The BCASA will, when available, provide staff advisory resources, as well as transcribing, photocopying, and printing as required. Costs for travel and meeting space will require prior approval by the Executive Director.  Any additional financial resources requested must be approved by the finance committee prior to those funds being used.


Decisions will be made by a simple majority with the chair not having a vote unless the vote is tied. Members may communicate their vote by email, phone or in person. Proxy votes are not permitted.  A quorum requires no less than 60% of committee members present, either in person or electronically. The Secretary shall serve as vice-chair in the absence of the chair of the committee.


All documents and minutes from meetings will be provided to Softball BC staff by the Secretary, and stored on the BCASA secure site. The minutes will be distributed, by staff, to all members of the committee within three (3) days of receipt from the Secretary. Once minutes are approved, they will be circulated to the Board of Directors via the Executive Director.


The chair of the committee shall be a member in good standing of the BCASA. All committee members shall abide by BC Amateur Softball Association policies, including, but not restricted to: code of conduct, conflict of interest, privacy and confidentiality policies.


The committee shall provide, at their discretion, the board of directors and/or other Softball BC committees with written recommendations for changes to special operating rules, policies, and/or by-laws of the society as they see fit. Such recommendations will be presented by the chair at either a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Softball B.C, or a scheduled meeting of other Softball BC committees.  The committee will provide, through the chair, a written report to be distributed to the membership in the pre AGM documents showing actions taken by the committee over the past year, and recommendations for new initiatives to be considered by the committee.


These terms of reference may be reviewed at the request of the committee chair, but must be done at least once every thirty-six (36) months. Terms of reference are to be approved by the Softball BC board of directors.