Improve your Shoulder Health: Rotator Cuff Recovery, Strength and Performance.
with Cody Piwowar-Desilets of CPD Performance and Team Canada Women’s Volleyball Strength & Conditioning Coach, MKIN, NSCA-CPT, FMS-1

In this series, we are going to look at 2 specific muscles of the rotator cuff, the teres minor, and the infraspinatus. Together, these muscles decelerate the arm when throwing and play an integral role in the shoulders’ ability to tolerate high throwing loads (# of throws) and intensities (velocity).

Video 1: Rotator Cuff recovery techniques

Video 2: Rotator Cuff Strength Training

Video 3: Rotator Cuff Ballistic Preparation

Cody Piwowar-Desilets | MKIN, NSCA-CPT, FMS-1
Founder | CPD Performance
Strength and Conditioning and Physical Preparation Coach